Terms & Conditions

Our standard terms as given on our website are applicable. It is the hirer’s responsibility to keep the hired items and its effects in good condition during the hired period. Materials lost or damaged will be charged as per its actual replacement / repair cost.
For outdoor events, please ensure proper cover for the furniture items from rains or lawn sprinklers. The damages arising out of drenching of furniture will be assessed and charged to client.
All access permissions to be provided by client. Any entry fee for men/material, government or municipality permissions, licenses required to be provided by client. We are entitled to take pictures of set up (pre/thru/post) event and use them for our company use. All images shown in the QPI are closest match to the actual product. However actual product may vary.


Lessor shall provide the item in working and acceptable condition and without apparent defects and Lessee shall return them to Lessor with all accessories in the same condition and on the date set forth in the agreement. All furniture will be delivered in A+ condition. In the event that the equipment is damaged, the Lessee shall be liable for all repair cost to restore or replacement cost of the equipment to its original state at the beginning of the rental
All materials will be delivered in perfect working condition. Material lost or damaged will be charged to your account at our current replacement rates. For dry rentals (collection and return form/to our warehouse by client) we require a refundable security deposit. The deposit will be refunded upon return of the item in good condition on the agreed


Cancellation Policy Charges: 25% of total bill if prior notice is received one week prior to date / 50% of total bill if prior notice is received less than a week prior to date / 100% of the total bill if prior notice is received one day prior to the day of the event.


It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all necessary permissions/security passes have been obtained in order to ease site access to the Fern Interior Decoration LLC.


Once goods are delivered and accepted, any change will be executed at an extra charge. Change of quantity, location, date, duration, purpose etc will be treated as new order and is chargeable.


In case of bad weather and if the event is moved to another venue, additional labor cost shall be charged. This charge will be decided based on the distance of the venue & the amount of equipment to be relocated. The exact rate shall be decided on the day/incurrence of such an event. Failure to accept the rates shall call for no obligation for “Fern Interior Decoration LLC” to accept the shift of venue. Client shall take responsibility to save furniture & equipment from rain, dew, moisture, garden hose, sprinklers, pool water etc. Any damages due to these will be chargeable.


Although Fern Interior Decoration LLC will use reasonable endeavours to meet its obligations in a prompt and efficient manner, it is not to be held accountable for any failure or delay caused by circumstances beyond its control.


A job/event is considered booked on receiving your LPO/quote’s signature + deposit. In case the client does not have an official internal LPO procedure, Client’s signature on this quotation will act as an LPO and confirms the client’s approval to proceed & order/execute this quotation as per the terms and conditions given therein.

On behalf of Fern Interior Decoration LLC

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